14 Ways To Use Nutella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Nutella is a classic chocolate spread that’s great served many different ways. Try this versatile spread in a Nutella mug cake for one, as a desert topping on a single serving panna cotta , or spread over short stack pancakes!

Jar of Nutella spread on white washed wood surface.
  1. As a topping for toast or pancakes – spread Nutella on warm toast or fluffy pancakes for a delicious and indulgent breakfast.
  2. In a milkshake – blend with milk and ice cream for a creamy and decadent milkshake.
  3. As a filling for crepes – spread on a warm crepe and add sliced bananas or strawberries for a sweet and satisfying dessert.
  4. In a smoothie – add a spoonful to your favorite smoothie recipe for a rich and chocolaty flavor.
  5. As a dip for fruit – serve as a dip for fresh fruit like strawberries, bananas, or apples for a healthy and satisfying snack.
  6. Baked goods – use as a filling for cupcakes, muffins, or cakes for a sweet surprise in every bite.
  7. As a frosting for cupcakes – mix with cream cheese or buttercream frosting for a delicious and unique frosting that is sure to impress.
  8. In a hot chocolate – stir Nutella into hot milk for a rich and creamy hot chocolate that is perfect for a chilly day.
  9. As a topping for ice cream – drizzle Nutella over your favorite ice cream flavor for a decadent and delicious dessert.
  10. Make a Nutella Latte– mix a spoonful with espresso and steamed milk for a rich and creamy latte that is perfect for a mid-day treat.
  11. Nutella cheesecake – combine Nutella with cream cheese, sugar, and eggs for a rich and indulgent cheesecake that is sure to impress.
  12. As a filling for donuts – pipe the spread into warm donuts for a delicious and indulgent treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth.
  13. In a Banana sandwich – spread on bread and add sliced bananas for a delicious and filling sandwich that is perfect for breakfast or lunch.
  14. Nutella and strawberry parfait – layer Nutella with sliced strawberries and whipped cream for a sweet and satisfying dessert that is easy to make and perfect for any occasion.

What’s the difference between European Nutella vs American Nutella?

I went straight to Nutellas UK and US site and they say that the ingredients are the same worldwide.

Can Nutella be used In baking?

Yes, Nutella can be used in baking and is a popular ingredient in many dessert recipes. Its a versatile ingredient that can be used to add a rich and chocolatey flavor to baked goods. It can be used as a filling or topping for cupcakes, cheesecake, or as a layer in a chocolate trifle.

Bonus, my favorite way is to make this decadent Nutella Mug Cake

Is Nutella Vegan or Vegetarian?

The standard Nutella recipe contains skim milk powder, which means it is not considered vegan. However, it is vegetarian as it does not contain any meat, fish, or poultry. Always check the ingredients list and packaging to ensure that a product aligns with your dietary preferences and requirements.


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