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pail of garbage wiith food waste

7 Useful Tips to Reduce Food Waste and Save Money

Last year  I started grocery shopping daily or almost daily to reduce food waste in my own kitchen.  I tried different shopping and cooking strategies including bulk freezer cooking, Blue Apron Meal Kits, weekly shopping, and none of it fit my food personality. The standard advice to save money is […]

women cooking eggs sitting down next to stove

39 Helpful Cooking Tips for the New Cook

A few helpful cooking tips for the new cook to save a little time and money in the kitchen. One of my all-time favorite cooking tips for the new cook is to always read the recipe in full before you begin cooking.  7  Useful Kitchen Tips Unstick the cap on […]

culinary disaster

Share Your Recipe Disaster and Kitchen Mishaps

This blog post is for readers to share their recipe disaster stories or lessons learned along the way.  For the longest time my cakes, biscuits and cookies would take much longer to cook than the recipe called for. My cookies came out hard, just a little to crispy!  The biscuit […]

plate of pancakes with fresh blueberries

5 Tips For Perfect Pancakes

Dear Mom was a master pancake maker and passed  down her 5 tips for making perfect pancakes. Dad however preferred the more down home term flapjacks, I had assumed it was from his army days.  In my childhood home the term was used interchangeably.   I reserve pancakes or flapjacks for […]

tiny kitchen

Moving From a Large Kitchen to a Small One

First, the kitchen in the photograph isn’t mine, I just really hate my counter tops and can’t bear to share at his point.   When I moved from a two-bedroom California Bungalow with a large beautiful 1930’s kitchen and into a one-bedroom condo with a small 1960’s kitchen I needed to […]

holiday packages in brown wrapping paper

8 Favorite Food Gift Ideas

During the holidays I much prefer to give consumable gifts to the adults on my holiday list, it’s personal and almost always appreciated more than a trinket.  Before I give a food gift, I first make a test batch to see how the recipe cooks up in a home kitchen.  […]