Soups + Stews

These one pot soups and stews  are perfect for a stress free dinner any night of the week.

Beef Recipe Photo

Simple Beef Bourguignonne Dutch Oven Dinner

The hardest part of this simple Beef Bourguignonne recipe is it’s pronunciation! Here is the proper way to pronounce this lovely dish ( boor-gee-nyawn ). Click to hear pronunciation and a few facts about the history of Bourguinonne. Comfort food at it’s best. This simple recipe is a perfect one […]

Chicken Vesuvio in Dutch oven

Simple Chicken Vesuvio Recipe

This simple Chicken Vesuvio recipe is full of flavor and serves up beautifully.  I keep a small mason jar of the seasoned flour in my pantry,  adding the Parmesan when I’m ready to make the dish. Chicken Vesuvio reminds me of a classic 1970’s meal, so grown up and ready […]

chicken cayenne

Chicken Cayenne Dutch Oven Dinner for Two

Enjoy this chicken cayenne recipe inspired by the classic chicken paprika peasant dish.  The substitution of cayenne and sugar mix makes for a perfect substitute for a hot paprika.  A smaller  2.75 quart Le Crueset oval dutch oven is the perfect size for a dinner for one or two. A […]

rib roastcooked in dutch oven

Easy Sunday Rib Roast Dinner in a Dutch Oven

I’ve always been a big fan of this classic and easy  Rib Roast in a dutch oven.   I’ll cook up to a 3 pound roast in a 5 quart Le Crueset Oval Dutch oven, it cooks faster than my trusty slow cooker and serves up beautifully. Tossing the vegetable with […]

French Inspired Chicken Stew In a Skiller

French Chicken Stew Recipe

My French  Chicken Stew is one of my weekend favorites.  On a Friday night on my home from work I’ll pick up the ingredients and cook the stew up on Saturday morning.  The stew will last all weekend!  The sauce is reminiscent of a tomato bisque and has a slight […]

bowl of black bean soup

Spicy Black Bean Soup in Less than an Hour

For a quick and easy weeknight or weekend meal whip up a pot of my spicy black bean soup in less than an hour.  Keep the ingredients in your pantry and freezer for a  pantry meal option.  perfect meal when you just don’t have time to run to the grocery […]