Do you use Yummly?

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Do you use Yummly? If not, you should seriously consider it. Here is a quick run-down. Yummly is is a fabulous source for online recipe searches and a great way to store all the interesting recipes you find on the web.  They also have a wonderful app for both ios and Android that makes it easy peasy to find your Yum’d recipes when your away from your computer.   If that’s not easy enough you can also add a handy little bookmarklet to your browsers toolbar.

First set up you account, it;’s free, then you can start searching and filling your recipe box up with your favorite recipes. Once you set up an account don’t forget to create your own taste profile for more personalized recipe recommendations from Yummly.

I have the  YUM social sharing button on the top of my recipe posts making it easy for you to add my recipes to your recipe box, check it out and let’s get Yumming.   Why not start with adding my French Stew Recipe to your recipe box.

Yummly  Features

Check out the features on How to Use Yummly   

Oh yes, you can also create smart shopping lists based on the recipe ingredients, making it easy to see at a glance what you need. 

Yummly is like Pinterest in a way, except it only for recipes.  Ready to sign up?   Hop on over to Yummly by clicking on this  Sign Up  link and start Yumming.

I’m not getting any compensation, I just really love Yummly and want to share. 🙂

A couple of my recipes you may want to Yum!

Pork Stew Recipe Made With Tomatillo’s and Black Beans

Fudgy Chocolate Cookies Recipe


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