how to care for woodedn spoon

How to Care for Wooden Spoons

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Many choices of materials for cooking utensils exist, however, I prefer using my wooden spoons whenever possible.  Learn how to take care of wooden spoons properly and they will last for years.

Why do I love my wooden spoons? Wooden spoons don’t scratch my pans and I don’t worry about chemicals leaching into my food.  Another reason I prefer wooden spoons is that they protect my vintage mixing bowls from scratches and I do love my vintage mixing bowls!

My personal favorite wooden spoons are made in France, they seem to have the most beautiful shapes and wood grains. Williams and Sonoma always have a spoon or two made in France and/or Italy for a reasonable price and of course, you can always find something on Amazon. 


How to care for Wooden Spoons

I keep my wooden spoons in tip-top condition and extend their lifespan by following these simple tips.

  • Always wash your wooden spoons by hand using hot soapy water.  Washing by hand helps to avoid cracks in the wood. 
  • Dry with a dishtowel and make sure they are completely dry before putting away.  I prefer to store my wooden spoons in a crock on the kitchen counter.
  • Don’t let your wooden spoons sit in water for an extended period of time. The absorbs the water and swells and then dries and shrink, over time this causes cracks or splits in the wood.
  • Occasionally rub your wooden spoon with food-safe mineral oil or beeswax.  Boos make a Block Mystery Oil specifically for wooden utensils and cutting boards.  
  • Toss out any wooden spoons with splits or cuts or chips to the wood.  Damaged areas will allow bacteria and molds to grow and could be released into the foods you cook.
  • To neutralize or reduce odors caused by garlic or other strong flavors, rub the surface of the wooden spoon with a halved lemon or make a paste by mixing baking soda and water.
  • Remove surface stains by rubbing the area with a small piece of fine sandpaper and wipe the dust off with a towel. Afterward, rub with food-safe mineral oil or beeswax made for wooden utensils.
  • When needed clean spoons by mixing one part white vinegar to five parts warm water in a bowl and soak the wooden spoons for several minutes. Rinse the wooden spoons with warm water and allow them to dry completely.  When completely dry rub with food-safe mineral oil or beeswax.

Can I use a regular vegetable cooking oil to rub on my wooden spoons?

Not really, these types of oils can go rancid and will ruin your wooden spoons.  I suggest using Boos Block Mystery Oil or Tree Spirit Mineral Oil for your wooden utensils.  Only use food-safe oils and beeswax that are made for use on wooden utensils.

When do I throw away my wooden spoons?

I discard and replace my wooden spoons or other wooden utensils when they are cracked, have any damage to the wood or have soft spots.  

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