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7 multi-purpose cooks tools to save time and space in any small kitchen

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A few years ago I moved into a small condo and my current kitchen is less than spacious, so I needed to adjust my cookware and utensils accordingly. No, the photo above is not my kitchen, I just really love this photograph!

These are the best multi-purpose  cooks tools to save time and space in any small kitchen.

Immersion Blender

I was late to the party on this one, but now I honestly believe this tool is a must-have for any small kitchen.  An immersion blender can be used to accomplish many of the same results as a hand mixer.  

Perfect for pureeing cream soups, making a quick batch of fresh whip cream, mixing up milkshakes or smoothies, and great for making vinaigrettes. I also use my immersion blender for smoothing homemade jams.

If you make sauces, soups, dips, jams, and vinaigrette you need an immersion blender.

Here is the newer model of the one I use made by Kitchen Aid Immersion Blender.


When I came across this I thought, OH! Julie Child would love this in her Spoonery. 

Whats a Spoonula you ask? A Spoonula is a hybrid spoon and spatula that is a very handy tool for bakers.  How can you not like combine two tools into one.

I use mine for mixing bread dough and scaping out the last bits from peanut butter jars. The large Spoonulas can wipe a pan clean in seconds and the smaller ones are good for getting the last bits from those jars of jam.

I love my Hierloom Living Spoonula, I do like saying spoonula. and they are made in usa.

Pie Pans

I have small, medium, and large pies, but my favorite in 8 inch Pyrex Pie Dish.  They stack nicely and save valuable cabinet space.  Pie pans are not just for pies.  Some uses include making quick breads, quiches, cheesecakes, pot pies, casseroles, and the occasional pie.  If you only make these types of items once in a while, why have dedicated bakeware taking up space in your cabinets.

Cast Iron Enameled Dutch Oven

If I had only one piece of cookware it would this ultimate multi-purpose cooks tool,  my Le Creuset Dutch oven.  You can cooks soups stews, bake a roast or chicken, pasta sauce, use to boil potatoes, steam vegetables or even cook bread in a dutch oven.  Dutch oven’s are heavy and retain heat beautifully.  Searing meats are a breeze and caramelizing onions could not be any easier.

I own a 2.75-quart, 5.5-quart Dutch ovens and my most recent purchase of a 3.5-quart Essential Dutch Oven.  The smaller one is great when cooking up stews for 2-3 people and the larger one is used for making a braising beef roasting a chicken.  I’m a big fan of slow cooking, and my dutch oven is preferred over an electric crockpot. To save space I nest them and put a paper towel in between to protect from chipping the enamel.

Rimmed Baking Sheet or Jelly Roll Pan

I have a small oven and a half sheet pan just doesn’t fit.  I can, however, fit a jelly roll pan which is just slightly smaller than a half sheet pan. in my little oven perfectly.  Rimmed sheet pan can be used for baking cookies, dessert bars, and sheet pan dinners. Sheet pans take up minimal space and can be stacked easily.  I have 2 Nordicware Jelly Roll Pans and 2 Nordicware Quarter Sheet Pans

Prep Bowls

My Duralux Prep bowls are used for holding prepped ingredients, whisking eggs for omelets, or as ice cream and snack bowls.  The Duralux Bowls stack easily to take up minimal cabinet space.

Manual Food Chopper

This is indispensable during the holidays when I’m chopping tons of onions and celery.  The Kuhn Rikon Swiss Pull Chopper is a great little tool that I can easily tuck away until needed.   You can use this to chop up mise en place ingredients quickly, make salsa, chop nuts, herbs, or mix up a dip.   When I make cheesecakes I use it to pulverize my graham crackers in fine crumbs.


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