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cooking tips

Cooking Tips for Meals with More Flavor in Less Time

Fast and simple recipes don’t need to be boring or bland, check out these time saving and simple cooking tips to make your meals just a bit more interesting. 1. It’s all about the Seasoning Salt really brings out the natural flavors of foods. Simple meals pop when adding a […]

cast iron dutch oven

Tips on Buying and Caring For A Cast Iron Dutch Oven

The  Dutch Oven is traditionally made of cast iron, and the most common varieties are the plain cast iron, think Lodge, or enameled cast iron think Le Creuset. A Dutch oven is in my opinion, a kitchen essential and is ideal for cooking stews, chicken, roasts or for braising meats.  […]

rib roastcooked in dutch oven

Easy Sunday Rib Roast Dinner in a Dutch Oven

I’ve always been a big fan of this classic and easy  Rib Roast in a dutch oven.   I’ll cook up to a 3 pound roast in a 5 quart Le Crueset Oval Dutch oven, it cooks faster than my trusty slow cooker and serves up beautifully. Tossing the vegetable with […]

Pasta Salad

Tomato and Basil Pasta Salad Made for Summer

Fresh Tomato and Basil Pasta Salad is a perfect summertime light meal or side dish to bring to a backyard BBQ or potluck.  The recipe serves four, but can be doubled to make a larger batch.  I use a ton of  garlic, I LOVE garlic.  The grated Parmesan or Romano […]

culinary disaster

Share Your Recipe Disaster and Kitchen Mishaps

This blog post is for readers to share their recipe disaster stories or lessons learned along the way.  For the longest time my cakes, biscuits and cookies would take much longer to cook than the recipe called for. My cookies came out hard, just a little to crispy!  The biscuit […]

French Inspired Chicken Stew In a Skiller

French Chicken Stew Recipe

My French  Chicken Stew is one of my weekend favorites.  On a Friday night on my home from work I’ll pick up the ingredients and cook the stew up on Saturday morning.  The stew will last all weekend!  The sauce is reminiscent of a tomato bisque and has a slight […]

Lemon Coffee Cake

Lemon Coffee Cake with Lemon Glaze

    A small batch lemon coffee cake baked n a six inch cake pan is perfect for a two person household.  You just might have a little left over to take to work to enjoy with your Monday morning coffee.  I’m  a sucker for lemony desserts or breads.  The […]

Individual Chocolate Chip Brownie Cake

Individual Chocolate Chip Brownie Cake Recipe

This delicious small batch individual  chocolate chip brownie cake recipe is perfect for the two person household. I don’t like to make full recipes because I really don’t want such a large amount of sweets in the house.  These individual serving  brownie cakes are just sweet enough and great topped […]

Tzatziki Sauce in Black Serving Dish

Tzatziki sauce for dipping and topping

I keep Tzatziki sauce in the refrigerator almost always during the summer, it’s great for dipping sliced vegetables and as a topping for fish. The most time consuming part of preparing a Tzatziki sauce is grating the cucumber.  First peel the cucumber then slice in  half lengthwise.. To easily remove […]