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Share Your Recipe Disaster and Kitchen Mishaps

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This blog post is for readers to share their recipe disaster stories or lessons learned along the way. 

For the longest time my cakes, biscuits and cookies would take much longer to cook than the recipe called for. My cookies came out hard, just a little to crispy!  The biscuit recipe I used for years started cooking up like little hockey pucks.  Don’t even get me started on my cakes, dry dry dry!

After I moved my cooking changed, I had to get comfortable and make adjustments cooking with an electric cooktop and oven.  Well I sure felt stupid when I realized, my oven must have thermostat problem.  I rant out and purchased an oven thermometer  then checked my oven and found my over runs a full 25 degrees cooler than the setting! Once I figured this out, like magic my biscuits, cakes and cookies came out perfect once again.

Whats your cooking disaster story or Aha moment?  Please scroll on down and leave your comments.

Share your recipe disaster story and it might just help another fellow cook figure out whats went wrong!  We’ve all  has a disaster or two so lets share with the community.


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