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Recipe/Photo Sharing Policy


Photo Policy

  • AWeekendCook.com either owns the copyright or has the rights to use all photographs on the site.
  • If you wish spotlight/feature one of the recipes on this website on your website or blog, you have permission to publish one (1) photo with credit to AWeekendCook.com and a clear link back to that specific website page where the recipe can be found.

Recipe Sharing Policy

  • You may not republish any recipe from AWeekendCook.com. We do not allow websites or publications (such as print newsletters and magazines) to publish our recipes. Our recipes are copyrighted material and may not be published elsewhere.
  • If you wish to share the recipe on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter etc.) please direct them to the recipe page on AWeekendCook.com.
  • If you are a fellow blogger who would like to share one of our recipes on your blog or website, you have permission to do so only with the following conditions:
    • Completely rewrite the instructions in your own words (do NOT copy and paste ours)
    • If you do not wish to rewrite the instructions in your own words, you may share our ingredient list ONLY and direct your readers/viewers to our recipe page to obtain the full instructions.
    • In all cases, you must credit A Weekend Cook by name
    • In all cases, you must provide a clear and clickable link back to the recipe page on AWeekendCook.com
  • Under NO circumstances may our recipes or blog posts or articles be copy and pasted as-is and directly onto other websites or blogs.

For questions that are not answered above, email me at: info (at) aweekendcook (dot) com.