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Plate of cream cheese pear and lemon cookies

Cream Cheese Cookies with Pear and Lemon Jam

My Cream Cheese Cookies with Pear and Lemon are so simple to make.  I prefer to make drop cookies because my kitchen prep space is tiny and, it’s a hassle to roll out dough in such a small space. When making a recipe that call for rolling the dough, instead […]

Beef Recipe Photo

Simple Beef Bourguignonne Dutch Oven Dinner

The hardest part of this simple Beef Bourguignonne recipe is it’s pronunciation! Here is the proper way to pronounce this lovely dish ( boor-gee-nyawn ). Click to hear pronunciation and a few facts about the history of Bourguinonne. Comfort food at it’s best. This simple recipe is a perfect one […]

Pot of tortellini soup with ladle

Easy Cheese Tortellini Soup for a Weeknight Quick Meal

A Northern Italian style easy tortellini soup made with cheese tortellini, vegetable broth, tomato’s, and spinach.  If you prefer a heartier soup try substitute a meat tortellini or a combination of cheese and meat tortellini’s for surprise in every bite.  The V-8 juice in the recipe makes for deeper flavor […]

Green Bean Chicken Casserole in an square baking dish.

Green Bean and Chicken Casserole Classic

Green Bean casseroles and Thanksgiving go hand in hand, but add some chicken chunks and you’ve got an everyday meal.  Instead of cream of mushroom soup you can substitute cream of broccoli soup.  Also great made  with fresh or frozen string beans.  The green bean and chicken casserole is a […]

Fudgy chocolate chip cookies

Fudgy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

This small batch  chocolate chip cookie recipe the perfect amount for two people.  Be ready to satisfy your cookie craving by keeping your favorite  semi-sweet chocolate bars on hand.   Homemade cookies ready to enjoy in thirty minutes, faster than running to the store!

Chicken Vesuvio in Dutch oven

Simple Chicken Vesuvio Recipe

This simple Chicken Vesuvio recipe is full of flavor and serves up beautifully.  I keep a small mason jar of the seasoned flour in my pantry,  adding the Parmesan when I’m ready to make the dish. Chicken Vesuvio reminds me of a classic 1970’s meal, so grown up and ready […]